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El Matador State Beach — One of LA’s Most Picturesque Beaches

(LA Trend) — Los Angeles has no shortage of beaches, but El Matador State Beach is one that stands out among the rest, what with its impressive craggy coastline, giving it the look and feel of a beach that can only be found in Europe.

One of the three beaches that make up Robert H. Meyer Memorial State Beach, El Matador State Beach is renowned for its striking sea stacks that dot the seascape and the numerous arches among its cliffs. For the more adventurous, there are various caves, with the largest facing the ocean at the bottom of a huge flat rock that’s connected to the base of the bluff. Caution: it’s safest to explore these caves during low tide.

And if you still want more beaches to seek out, El Matador State Beach is conveniently located near two other beaches that are easily reachable; heading north will take you to La Piedra State Beach, while venturing south will take you to Lechuza Beach (which also passes by some gorgeous properties along the way).

Because of its unique landscapes, El Matador State Beach is the perfect place to put your photography skills to use. From dazzling sunsets at dusk to ravishing sunrises at dawn (and don’t forget those mighty rock formations), there’s no reason not to break out the camera and snap some memorable pics. It’s no wonder why this beach has become such a popular spot for professional photographers to shoot swimsuit models.

Since there are no lifeguards or other facilities on the beach, expect plenty of privacy and a lot of room to spread out and spend a day here, whether it’s on the vast expanses of sand or perched on a little cliff overlooking the ocean. El Matador State Beach is also a hotspot for a variety of shorebirds, making it an ideal locale for birdwatching. Snorkeling and swimming are also allowed here, giving visitors many opportunities to explore nature to its fullest.

Parking can be a bit tricky, as the lot is quite small and requires a fee. However, you can always find a good free spot nearby on the Pacific Coast Highway and walk the rest of the way (just be on the lookout for No Parking signs). Dogs aren’t allowed here, so keep the pups at home.

This stunning little Eden is only accessible by a steep gravelly path, so be sure not to bring too much stuff.

Click here for more information on El Matador State Beach and to plan your visit.

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