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Heaven on Earth is Just a Short Drive Away at Point Dume State Beach

(LA Trend) — Point Dume State Beach is the type of beach you want to go to when you want to feel like you’ve been transported to another world. Didn’t think you could get to such a paradise right off Highway 1, did you?

The beach is best known for its main beach, Big Dume Beach, A.K.A. Dume Cove Beach. This distinctive crescent-shaped beach faces southeast from the east side of Point Dume, which can be accessed by making your way across a small bluff-top natural preserve and down a long steep staircase. This is also the starting point for the trails that take you through the preserve, ascend to the high point above Point Dume, then looping around the bluff back to the beach. From Dume Cove, you can head east to Little Dume Beach and beyond to Paradise Cove, two other areas that are worth adding to your beach day itinerary. Be sure to come during low tide to explore the various tide pools that dot the beach.

Because Dume State Beach has a relatively high vantage point, it’s also a popular spot for whale watching, especially during the gray whale migration February through April.

While the beaches attract the most attention, the hiking opportunities the preserve has should be taken advantage of by any outdoor enthusiast. While the trek to Point Dume itself is fairly easy—just a little over a half-mile from the parking lot—it will take much longer, what with the countless striking coastal and mountain views and photo opportunities along the way.

The natural beauty that characterizes Point Dume State Beach isn’t just known to locals; it’s also a popular filming spot and has been the location of numerous popular movies. Most famously, the climactic scene from the original Planet of the Apes and Tony Stark’s house in Iron Man (digitally added) on the cliffs of Point Dume.

The area also comes with a fascinating, even slightly humorous, history: Named by George Vancouver in honor of Padre Francisco Dumetz of Mission San Buenaventura in 1793, George accidentally spelled it incorrectly on his map, as simply “Dume”, and, for whatever reason, the name has stuck ever since.

Point Dume State Beach is frequently cited as one of the most gorgeous beaches in Southern California, and, judging by the countless natural wonders it has to offer, it’s no secret why.


29245 Cliffside Drive

Malibu, CA 90265

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