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Learn the Dark Secrets of Los Angeles on a Murder Mystery Ghost Tour

(LA Trend) — Join Real Los Angeles Tours on their DTLA Murder Mystery Ghost Tour as they take you into the sordid past of the City of Angels—while sipping on delicious cocktails along the way!

The first stop on the DTLA Murder Mystery Ghost Tour is the Biltmore Hotel, the last place the tragic Black Dahlia, Elizabeth Short, was seen alive before her mysterious murder, which today remains unsolved.

The next stop is Clifton’s Republic, the legendary venue offering cocktails and classic American dishes among taxidermy and nature dioramas. Here, you’ll learn about the anti-corruption drive of its Christian founder (who also had a few secrets of his own).

Then, guests will wander over to the infamous Hotel Cecil, which has a morbid history of murders, suicides, and serial killers (including Ted Bundy and Richard Ramirez, aka the Night Stalker).

From there, the tour will head to two haunted hotels: the Alexandria Hotel and the Barclay Hotel. Once a luxury hotel in the early 1900s, the Alexandria is said to be occupied by the ghost of silent film actor Rudolph Valentino, who supposedly still haunts his old penthouse. And behind the gorgeous facade of the Barclay Hotel is a past filled with gruesome slayings, bloody accidents, and violent crime.

After that, guests will head to the site of the Chinatown Massacre of 1871 where 19 Chinese immigrants were killed (still the largest mass lynching in US history).

The tour will then finish up at the Halls of Justice, which has seen countless dramatic trials, Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel (who’s been there twice), and the infamous Charles Manson.

If you’re in the mood to learn about the dark underbelly of the City of Angels and endure several sleepless nights afterward, then the DTLA Murder Mystery Ghost Tour is perfect for you!

Tour Details

  • Admission is $35 per person
    • Private tours are also available starting at $210 for up to 10 guests and can be booked for any time between 9am and 6pm—click here to book a private tour
    • $1 for every guest will go to Climate Cents, a climate change organization
  • The tour covers about 2 miles of walking distance—if guests have mobility issues, it’s recommended that they book a private tour
  • Tours begin at 6pm on Saturday nights at Pershing Square (opposite Pershing Square Metro station) and end at 8:30pm at Los Angeles City Hall
  • The tour makes stops at two different bars for cocktails (not included with admission)
  • The tour is only in English and does not offer additional languages at this time
  • Due to the dark and graphic content of the tour, it’s not recommended for guests 12 years and younger
  • Guests should arrive at the meeting point at least 10 to 15 minutes early, as tours will begin at the scheduled time and will not wait for late guests
  • Full refunds and exchanges are available up to 48 hours before the tour start time
  • Tickets are not available on site—they must be purchased ahead of time
  • Tours are never canceled due to adverse weather conditions

Click here to book your tickets now!

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