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“NOT I: Throwing Voices (1500 BCE–2020 CE)” – Ventriloquism Art Exhibition at LACMA

(LA Trend) — The Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s latest exhibition, “NOT I: Throwing Voices (1500 BCE–2020 CE)”, explores the fascinating and complex history of ventriloquism.

The art of ventriloquism blurs the lines between sight and sound, puppeteer and puppet, silence and speech, and conjures up questions about agency, authorship, and objecthood. From the source of the voice, to how the voice is split into numerous bodies, to who is speaking on behalf of who, ventriloquism is far more profound than we often give it credit for. For a practice that involves forcing objects to speak for entire cultures, eras, or regions, even the history and logic of institutions devoted to the spread of knowledge—like libraries and museums—share common ground with the age-old performance art of ventriloquism.

And so it is with this common form of entertainment that LACMA chooses to host dialogues throughout their collections, emphasizing the misdirection of voice, sound, and silence. “NOT I” also features a special project by Meriç Algün in collaboration with the Los Angeles Public Library, as well as commissions by Raven Chacon, Patricia Fernández, and Puppies Puppies.

This exhibition runs through July 25, 2021 and is located in the Resnick Pavilion.

Museum Hours

Monday: 11am to 5pm

Tuesday: 11am to 5pm

Wednesday: CLOSED

Thursday: 11am to 5pm

Friday: 11am to 8pm

Saturday: 10am to 7pm

Sunday: 10am to 7pm


5905 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90036

Visit the official website for more information.

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